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Crosslink has unique skills in developing -- and manufacturing -- customized electroactive polymer coatings, including polyaniline and polythiophene, for a wide variety of innovative commercial applications.

Leveraging our substantial patent portfolio, we work closely with our partners to engineer solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our technology enables functions such as conductivity or sense and release and can be integrated with other performance materials. Areas of expertise include:
• Energy Storage
• Flexible Lighting
• Corrosion Prevention
• Electrostatic Dissipation
• Decontamination

Energy Storage

The use of electroactive polymers for advanced energy storage solutions is highly competitive. As the industry authority on soluble polyaniline, we have significant experience in coatings formulation, polymer synthesis and device manufacturing.

We work with our partners to develop and manufacture technology designed to improve low ESR capacitors, supercapacitors and fuel cells.

Flexible Lighting

With a new approach to light sources, Crosslink developed electroactive polymer-based technology for flexible lighting.

The distinctive formable and durable nature of this technology makes it suitable for integration with a variety of materials, including textiles, plastics and metals. Current application involves the coating of tent fabric to provide interior lighting. Additional solutions for keypads and switches on electronic products are under development.

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion of aircraft aluminum reduces aircraft lifetimes and significantly increases maintenance costs. Hexavalent chromium, a toxic chemical and known carcinogen, has been used to fight corrosion in aircraft aluminum.

Crosslink developed a smart anti-corrosion coating based on electroactive polymers to replace this environmental hazard and provide outstanding corrosion protection in this demanding application. The coating’s keen ability to sense corrosion signals the release of an additive that shuts down the corrosion process and is designed to prevent aircraft damage.

Electrostatic Dissipation

The average fighter aircraft canopy must be frequently replaced due to the extreme stress and environmental pressure it withstands.

Crosslink’s revolutionary, transparent, conductive coating is applied to jet canopies and is designed to more effectively dissipate static electricity. This extends the number of flights a canopy can undergo before requiring replacement.


Crosslink’s self-decontaminating polymer coating is designed for short response times and reduced need for decontamination equipment in case of an attack involving chemical or biological agents. The coating system is self-renewing. In addition, medical treatment and mission-critical operations can occur in contaminated environments within protected areas, such as Command and Control Shelters.
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